Embedded ZIP file resources

The bootstrapper must contain a zip file as a embedded resource. This allows to store strings and bitmaps in a compressed form. It is easy maintainalbe with standard software like compressed folders in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The ZIP resource must be attached to the library:
CSetupApp::SetupApp->AttachZipResource( IDR_RCDATA1 );

Localized Resources

The process of localizing goes like this:

GetLocalizedBitmapResource will look after a file called "DE-Welcome.bmp" (Language Prefix DE) in the embedded ZIP file. If not found it will look after "EN-Welcome.bmp" (Neutral Language Prefix EN). if this is not found it will return 0.

To localize a resource, add the resource with the correct prefix. The naming schema is PREFIX-FILENAME.

Message String Resources

Every bootstrapper must have a lot of message strings for message boxes and wizard pages. Don't store them as regular resources. They can be in the embedded zip file.

Background Bitmap Resources

Bitmaps can be extremely compressed. Bitmaps for backgrounds have an additional feature to save size: transparency.

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