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The MSE-iT Setup Bootstrapper isn't an scriptable bootstrapper. It is written in C++ and must be customized in C++ and compiled. Then you will get a solid EXE. Space consuming resources are compressed and embedded as a binary resource (RCDATA). the embedded resource is a standard zip file, so the needed resources (text, rtf and bitmap files) can be assembled with generally available software. The bootstrapper don't create any temp folder by default and is started as a single process. It solely depends on you if you want to create a temp folder or store something in the embedded zip file. The Setup bootstrapper is a MFC application with static linked MFC libraries. It is not the smallest, and zip compression is not the best out there. But this embedded zip file can be easily created and maintained, and a solid MFC application gives you all possibilities on a windows system.

Setup dialog and wizard page design

First of all: Dont store any strings in your resources, store them in the embedded file. Strings are compressed in this file and can be easily localized. Leave your strings for buttons or whatever you may create in you pages empty!

Setup Dialog

The Setup dialog is derived from CWizardDialog, edit this in your dialog header, if creating from scratch.
Don't forget to Change: BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CYourDialog, CWizardDialog)
The Setup dialog contains following resources:
  • The Dialog itself
  • A wizard back button with ID_WIZBACK
  • A wizard next button with ID_WIZNEXT
  • A cancel setup button with IDCANCEL
  • A finish setup button with IDOK
  • a ownderdraw picture as a container for the pages with ID_SHEETRECT (recommended)

Wizzard Page

The setup page is derived from CWizardPage, edit this in your page header if creating from scratch.
Don't forget to Change: BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CYourPage, CWizardPage)
  • A page don't contain any resources by default, it is up to you what you want to see in the page
  • A Page must have the Styles: WS_CHILD, WS_DISABLED
  • A Page mustn't have the Styles: WS_BORDER

Maybe you will change the dialog font to Tahoma 9pt

embedded ZIP file resources

Space consuming resources are stored in a embedded ZIP file. This ZIP file i a standard zip file (compressed folder in Vista and XP). It is embedded as a RCDATA resource and can be accessed during the bootstrapping process. The operations are designed to work "in memory", so files are not extracted to harddisk.

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